I love coming to this office. I've been coming here since I was a little girl.

~ Debbie

“To say I am dental phobic is an understatement. Kris has been the dentist for my husband and kids for the last 20 years. I would drop my kids off at the front door to avoid even going in! When a tooth finally crumbled, I had to face the dental chair – for an implant of all things! Kris and her staff understood my phobia. They were extremely patient. They explained what they were doing every step of the way. Getting an implant is NOT the way to rid yourself of dental fear, but Kris helped me get through it with gentle humor and complete professionalism.

~ Laura

Thank you for everything you have done to me. I would like to say this to your potential customers, "Dr. Hamamoto is so patient, understand and kind. She never pushed me to make decision. I changed my mind twice about the shade of my veneers. She put the temps on again and again and told me not to worry, give it two weeks to think about it. Thank you Dr. Hamamoto! I love my veneers and my smile. "

~ Mabel

Dentistry has allowed me to keep my teeth, but the key factor is trusting your dentist. I have trust in Dr. Hamamoto. I started with muscle aches and after only 10 months in ortho (performed by Dr. Quo) and some bridge work, I feel great. It took a lot of team work to get this way. I love my teeth with the help of Dr. Hamamoto and her team.

~ Zoom

" I have been coming to Dr. Hamamoto's office my entire life. Not only is the staff extremely friendly and intelligent, but I also owe my perfect teeth to them!"

~ Helen

“I enjoy coming here because the staff is always friendly and in a good mood. You can tell that they care about their patients”

~ Phelan

"People are so friendly and professional"

~ Daniel

Thank you for the procedure. I love my new teeth. They look much better after you fixed the gum. I want to know the porcelain shade that we picked because I'm thinking about choosing the next brighter shade after I went home and saw my son's teeth. His are brighter than mine and natural. I want to bring him to your office as a reference and see if the color we picked is similar to his. Sorry to bother you again. Please understand I just want to make sure I pick the right color before it's too late to change. I hope this is the last time I fix the look of my teeth.

~ Mabel

“I’m so glad I did it with Dr. Hamamoto. The procedure was great. I had totally confidence in her.”

~ Ellis

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